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On average, our desktop rebuild cost assessment reports are currently taking 5 working days.
Please keep checking back for status updates.

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Have you heard about our client referral programme?

Updated: May 3

It’s the easiest way for brokers to raise client awareness of the risks of incorrect building sums insured, while at the same time pointing them to a simple and affordable online solution. There is no need to place orders yourself. Simply signpost your clients to our website.

What’s more you’ll get your own unique broker discount code giving your clients £20 off the standard cost of any Rebuild Cost Assessment they order from us online.

It’s easy! You can kick-start your client referral programme in less than one minute. Simply visit our website, provide your name, email and telephone number and we’ll get back to you with your unique broker discount code and a pack of marketing material to help you get started.

One of our team will call you to understand your needs around dual branding and your key marketing messages and then work with you to tailor a solution that adds maximum value for both you and your clients.

A quick summary

So here’s what you get with our client referral programme:

  • Treating customers fairly: It’s a great way of highlighting the risks of incorrect building sums insured to your clients, while also pointing them to an affordable, professional solution

  • Great value: Unbeatable prices including a special £20 saving for your clients when they order online using your unique broker discount code

  • Dedicated support: Marketing and communications material to get you underway with the help of one of our team, so that together we can provide the best Rebuild Cost Assessment solution to your clients

Get your unique broker discount code and start your client referral programme today by clicking here, or call 01305 215535 to find out more.


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