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Broker prevents £39,000 client loss, thanks to RCA

Updated: May 3

Video: Rob Gale, Commercial Director at Alan & Thomas Insurance Group explains why they use to review client properties and how they recently saved a customer almost forty thousand pounds as a result.

A provincial broker has helped one of its commercial clients avoid a loss of £39,000 after requesting a rebuild cost assessment (RCA) on a property.

Alan & Thomas Insurance Group has ordered more than 200 assessments through in less than two years and is a strong advocate of treating customers fairly by making sure sums insured are set appropriately.

“We believe as a professional organisation it is our duty to give the best advice to customers and if we can call in outside services to do that at a very reasonable cost, then we think that is very important because the consequences of underinsurance can be devastating,” said Rob Gale, Commercial Director at Alan & Thomas.

He went on to explain how around a year ago, a RCA was requested through, which revealed that a client’s commercial property (covered for just £2m) should have been insured for £3.5m.

Recently the building was struck by a lorry causing £95,000 worth of damage. Had the RCA not been carried out and the sums insured put right, the impact claim would have been settled for only £56,000. The case highlights how it is not just total loss scenarios that lead to claims payments being significantly reduced due to underinsurance.'s Will Molland commented: “It is always fantastic to hear from brokers when their clients avoid financial loss due to the service we provide. Our aim is to support the insurance industry in eradicating inaccurate building sums insured so that policyholders never have to suffer in their hour of need.”

Brokers can order desktop RCAs through for around £100 and site assessments starting at less than £400. Start using your online account today.


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