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On average, our desktop rebuild cost assessment reports are currently taking 5 working days.
Please keep checking back for status updates.

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Investing in AI and machine learning so we can do more

Updated: May 3 and the University of Exeter have formed an exciting partnership to take our valuations service to the next level.

Will Molland (left) and Ahsan Iqbal (right) discussing AI and machine learning integration Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are set to be the biggest change impacting on our lives since the emergence of the internet. As a result, we’ve entered into a ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’ (KTP) with Exeter University through Innovate UK, which is part of the Government’s UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding agency, investing in science and research in Britain. Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd (RCAL) Director, Will Molland who has been instrumental in driving the new partnership forward, explained: “We currently produce around 4,000 rebuild cost assessment reports every month, but for us this isn’t enough. Too many people and businesses are exposed to the financial and emotional consequences of underinsurance. “Our partnership with the University will allow us to do a lot more. We’re already introducing data and machine-driven practices that will begin to increase our capacity from the end of 2023. With data from around 150,000 assessments at our disposal we are ahead of the curve and in less than two years we will be able to deliver at least twice as many rebuild cost assessments than we do today.” Will added: “This is about providing an augmented service, where the best technology and the best people work together. This is not just about the machines, it’s about helping our team deliver a remarkable service that is truly accurate, adds value and continues to go beyond expectations.” ‘Important difference’ Playing the major role in this work is Ahsan Iqbal, a Data Scientist and Software Engineer appointed full-time at RCAL through Exeter University. Ahsan, who has a Masters in Computer Science, has already helped deliver a range of machine learning and AI projects.

He told us he was excited by what our KTP could achieve: “The team here took time to highlight how this is not simply a business project, but how it’s also about helping people. I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to use my skills and academic learning to meet an interesting challenge, while also making an important difference in people’s lives.”

Laura Buchanan, Enterprise and Innovation Programmes Manager at University of Exeter, added: “Everyone at RCAL has been great in moving the project forward and we’re delighted to be working with the team there and supporting Ahsan. We’ve a lot of experience here delivering on KTPs and they’re a fantastic way of helping to extend the capabilities of businesses to meet the demands of the future and stay successful.” Rest assured we’ll be keeping you updated with Ahsan and our team’s progress.


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