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How likely is it your client's property is insured for the right amount?

We've assessed the rebuild cost of more than 150,000 properties in the UK. Using our unique data we can indicate how likely it is your client's property is underinsured, overinsured or accurately insured.


Try out our Rebuild Checker below...  

Likelihood of
Accurately Insured


Likelihood of Being
Over Insured


Likelihood of Being
Under Insured



Use our unique Rebuild Checker tool to instantly assess your client's risk and understand what action may be needed. Simply enter a few details, hit ‘GO’ and we’ll present the results below:

Our predicator tool is designed to give you a general indication of how likely your property is to be under-insured, over-insured, or adequately insured. It is not intended to be advice upon which you should rely.


To obtain verified information upon which you can rely, a professional assessment should be obtained. Please see our Terms of Use below for further information.


Now you know the likelihood of your client's property being under, over or accurately insured, why not let them know?

You can download a one page report presenting their Rebuild Checker results by clicking the button below.

If you're not already working with us, find out more today.
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