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We offer two kinds of Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) - desktop RCAs and on-site RCAs:

Desktop RCAs

Our innovative digital service allows us to work out how much buildings would cost to rebuild without ever having to visit the property. Desktop RCAs are much quicker and lower in cost compared to site assessments, which is why we can offer such unbeatable prices. However, one thing brokers sometimes ask us is how accurate are desktop assessments?


Thanks to the kind widespread information about land and property now available, such as through the Land Registry, Google Street View and Ordnance Survey to name just a few, remote assessments of property have advanced tremendously in recent years. When you combine this with the experience and expertise that exists within our Chartered Surveyor (RICS) led team of professional assessors, you can rest assured we can produce a reliable and (more importantly) an insurance industry trusted assessment of rebuild costs. A significant number of the UK's major insurers have agreed to remove the Average Clause when sums insured are adjusted to fall in Line with our desktop RCA reports. 

If we can, we will

Our approach at Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd is 'if we believe a desktop assessment can provide a reliable picture of the rebuild cost, then that's the way we'll do it.' If a desktop RCA is not possible, then we can offer a highly competitive on-site assessment instead. 

On-site RCAs

We understand that while some clients appreciate a fast low cost online service, others prefer to receive a more personal touch and are willing to pay a little more for it. This is why we also offer a 'premium' on-site assessment service as an alternative to our desktop RCA. 


Brokers who have signed up for a account can request quotes online for on-site assessments. 

Because we utilise aspects of our desktop technology to support our on-site visits, we are able to to provide a more considered and efficient face-to-face assessment than any of our competitors. This also means that the cost of our on-site service is also unbeatable. If you can find a lower priced quote for a site assessment from any other 'Regulated by RICS' provider we will happily beat it. 

Our RCA reports:

Both desktop and on-site RCAs lead to the production of a comprehensive RCA report.


Broker account holders who arrange RCAs on behalf of their clients receive the report directly from us. You can view sample copies of both our HOMEOWNER and COMMERCIAL RCA reports using the button below.   

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