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Brokers have told us it's not always convenient for them to buy a Rebuild Cost Assessment on behalf of their clients. Sometimes they just want to promote our services, so that their clients can buy directly from us online.

At Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd we always listen to our insurance broker partners, which is why we have developed another way for you to work with us and still get a great deal for your clients.

Instead of buying through your broker account, you can simply give your clients your own unique broker discount code, giving them £20 off the cost of any desktop Rebuild Cost Assessment they purchase online through our website. If a desktop assessment is not appropriate, we'll still give them £20 off our quote for an on-site assessment.

As well as your broker discount code you'll also receive marketing material to support your promotion.

By using our discount code and marketing material, you will not only be giving your clients a fantastic price reduction, but it's also a great way of making your clients fully aware of the need to insure their buildings for the correct rebuild cost by prompting them to use a professional 'Regulated by RICS' organisation. 

Getting you unique broker code is easy. Simply use the button below and we'll get it emailed over to you, together your marketing material, within one working day. 

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