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We understand that while some appreciate a fast low cost online service, others prefer to receive a more personal touch and are willing to pay a little more for it.


This is why we also offer a premium on-site assessment as an alternative to our desktop service. 


Rather than going though our online process, you can simply request that one of our rebuild cost experts visits your property and carries out their assessment with you, at your home.

Because we utilise aspects of our desktop technology to support our on-site visits, we are able to to provide a more considered and efficient face-to-face assessment than any of our competitors. This also means that the cost of our on-site service is unbeatable. If you can find a lower priced quote for a site assessment from any other 'Regulated by RICS' provider we will happily beat it. 


We find that the best way to provide a quote for our on-site assessments is to discuss your needs over the phone. Please use the button below to request a quote and we will call you back within one working day.

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