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A bit of help with those difficult client conversations

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If there’s one thing there has been no shortage of this year for insurers and intermediaries alike, it has been some difficult client conversations!

Brokers and underwriters have told us that the hardening market coupled with major issues that have emerged around Covid-19 have meant, well a bit of explaining to do at times.

Inaccurate sums insured can also be a tricky one. Brokers already know there is a careful line to walk here, particularly around underinsurance. This can, as we have previously reported, lead to legal action. See ‘Broker facing £3.5m legal claim for underinsurance’ from November last year, for example.

So highlighting to clients the need to review sums insured is important for brokers, but this can also lead to tricky discussions! As if there weren’t enough already?

No fear though. With help from a small panel of brokers we have previously produced a guide with the catchy title: ‘When your client discovers their building is not covered for the right amount.’ We’ve dusted this off, refreshed it and published again. Hopefully it might help?

The guide tackles three different scenarios arising from a professional Rebuild Cost Assessment:

1. Everything is correct 2. Your client is overinsured 3. Your client is underinsured

And offers some guidance on what you might say. Guidance from fellow brokers, not from us.

So feel free to download our guide here, or click on the image below.

When your client discovers their building is not covered for the right amount guide