Broker prevents £39,000 client loss, thanks to RCA

January 10, 2019


Video: Rob Gale, Commercial Director at Alan & Thomas Insurance Group explains why they use to review client properties and how they recently saved a customer almost forty thousand pounds as a result.


A provincial broker has helped one of its commercial clients avoid a loss of £39,000 after requesting a rebuild cost assessment (RCA) on a property.


Alan & Thomas Insurance Group has ordered more than 200 assessments through in less than two years and is a strong advocate of treating customers fairly by making sure sums insured are set appropriately. 


“We believe as a professional organisation it is our duty to give the best advice to customers and if we can call in outside services to do that at a very reasonable cost, then we think that is very important because the consequences of underinsurance can be devastating,” said Rob Gale, Commercial Director at Alan & Thomas.


He went on to explain how around a year ago, a RCA was requested through