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We’ve rebranded! is now

Why rebrand?

It’s simple really. You suggested it! Our research among customers showed that while many perceived our brand as being effective in highlighting the issue of under-insurance, it was also a bit one dimensional.

In fact, both insurers and brokers pointed out a potential problem with our trading style. You mentioned it could be seen as offering just one “pre-determined outcome”, one which would only ever lead to the identification of under-insurance in buildings.

For us, that is no good at all. We are an independent ‘Regulated By RICS’ organisation focused on reporting the correct rebuild cost of properties. It is extremely important our brand reflects this. It is worth noting that while almost 70% of the most recent 5,000 properties assessed by us were under-insured, one in 5 were over-insured.

Why accurately reflects what we do. It also represents who we are. Our registered company name has always been Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd and trading under a .com style highlights the InsurTech, disruptive nature of our operation. Innovative, affordable and professional rebuild cost assessments is what we’re all about.

So does this mean a new website?

Yes it does. Not only have we rebranded our website, but we have changed our key messages to focus more on inaccurate building sums insured, not just under-insurance. Of course, under-insurance remains the biggest problem, both in terms of frequency and potential severity, but we’ve added a little balance to the mix.

In addition, we’ve popped in one or two new features you’ve been asking us for and improved the navigation. We’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks. Apart from that, all of the great functionality you already love about our website is still there for you. Take a look around!

If you have any feedback to offer about our new brand or website, please contact Joanne Weaver at Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd, email