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Unique online service to help prevent homes being ‘underinsured’

PRESS RELEASE - Property/Lifestyle, United Kingdom: A new unique new online service to help homeowners avoid ‘underinsurance’ has been launched today. offers a low-cost way of calculating how much your home would cost to rebuild from scratch if it was damaged by fire or some other disaster.

Underinsurance happens when a property is not insured for the right amount. In the event of a claim, insurance companies can quite legitimately reduce their payout if a property is not fully covered. In some cases this can lead to less than half the amount needed to repair or reinstate a building being paid. Underinsurance has led to some homeowners having to move to a significantly smaller property in a completely different location following a fire or flood. What’s clever about is that no one has to visit the property to make a reliable assessment. The website’s Chartered Surveyor (RICS) led team of professional assessors use a range of specialist tools and other resources to carry out their remote ‘rebuild cost assessment’. This keeps costs down and means an assessment can be provided within 3 to 6 working days. “It has been estimated that a staggering 80% of high value homes are at risk from underinsurance,” said James Scott Brown of “The last thing a homeowner wants to discover following a fire or other disaster is the double impact of no property and not receiving enough to put things back to the way they were.” James added: “Many people do not realise it is their responsibility to determine the correct amount their building should be insured for, but they may not have access to the relevant professional advice. Independent guidance from a RICS Registered Valuer is always the best source of information.” clients can also request a site visit if they would prefer a face-to-face assessment.

Notes 1. is a service provided by Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd. 2. Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd is a RICS Registered Valuer and is a joint venture between RiskSTOP and Scott Brown Risk Management Surveyors (SBRMS), which provides rebuild cost assessments for commercial and household buildings in the UK. Contact Contact for all press enquiries, images and to arrange interviews is: Johnny Thomson Thomson Media Ltd Tel: 020 3091 557 Mobile: 07970 759515, Email: