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On average, our desktop rebuild cost assessment reports are currently taking 6
 working days.

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And suddenly… everything changed

Updated: May 3

I imagine many of you reading this will now find yourself (like me) working from home for who knows how long?

Things have suddenly changed, quite dramatically for all of us following the Coronavirus outbreak. I’m sure for insurance brokers this must be a truly daunting time, especially as I know how getting out and about, meeting clients and maintaining close relationships are so important to you.

“Clients don’t really like digital all that much,” is a message I’ve often heard. “They prefer it when we get out there and meet up face-to-face to chat and talk about all kinds of things, not just insurance. That’s the way we all like to do business.”

This, of course, was before we learned new phrases like ‘self-isolation’, ’social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’. The priority has rightly shifted now to keeping people apart to protect our incredible health service and the needs of those who are most vulnerable.

So now things are very different and it seems we need to adapt. For example, things like video calls will not only help us maintain a healthy mind at times of social isolation, but online relationship management combined with digital communication may well help to preserve our roles and businesses by keeping things moving while the outside world comes to a standstill.

At I feel lucky. We’ve built a service which is about delivering our professional expertise through remote means. Although we do site-based rebuild cost assessments, most are desktop-based and we can do these from anywhere.

But to be honest, I’m no different to most. I love getting out there meeting people, building relationships and interacting. However, I’m now seeing digital in a totally different light. It’s not just the ‘quicker and easier way’ of doing things. At this time, it could prove to be something that protects our livelihoods and preserves our mental well-being.

Now is the time to embrace even more digital ways of doing things, including maintaining those vital relationships. Serve up useful content and information, chat online and keep showing your clients just how much you value them.

Stay safe and secure and please look after those who are most vulnerable at this unprecedented time.

Will Molland, MCIOB AssocRICS Director,


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