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At we assess thousands of properties every year. Our data shows that at least 90% are either over or underinsured. This means there is a strong chance that your client's property is not covered for the right amount.


Managing Agents have told us that part of their key responsibilities are:

  • To ensure your client doesn't incur any unnecessary expense

  • To ensure our client's property is adequately protected  


Failing to insure a property for the correct reinstatement cost can have serious implications: 

Over or underinsured?

Let's begin with overinsurance, which affects almost one in 5 property owners. Being overinsured can result in your client paying more than they should for their buildings cover. In some cases, we have found properties covered for more than twice the amount they should be. Over the years this unnecessary expense can seriously add up.

Underinsurance can have far more severe consequences. This is because of what is known as the “Average Clause”. Let’s say your client's property is insured for £1,000,000, but the actual cost to rebuild should be £2,000,000. Here, any insurance claim your client makes for the property could be reduced by 50%. In this example they would need to find £1,000,000 of their own funds to cover the cost of rebuilding the property following a major incident, such as a fire that completely destroys the building. Could your client afford £1,000,000? Around two thirds of managed properties are underinsured and are normally covered for just two thirds of their correct rebuild cost.

What can you do?


The simple solution is for your client to insure their property for the correct amount. Normally, this involves finding a trusted expert who visits the building to complete a professional assessment, which can be both time-consuming and very expensive. 


At we offer an affordable and far more innovative service. For just £150.00 (excl VAT) we can provide a comprehensive Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) report without even having to visit the premises. You can find out more on how we can do this here. Thanks to our unique approach, we can also offer site assessments at unbeatable prices.


Our RCA report advises you and your client of the rebuild cost of the property and guides you on what action to take. As we are a 'Regulated by RICS' organisation many of the UK's major insurers will remove the Average Clause from your client's policy provided the building is insured for the amount we recommend in our report. Should a claim occur, you will also have a RICS based report immediately to hand, which will put your client in an strong position should they ever face a disputed insurance claim.

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