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Every year at Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd we assess more than 5,000 UK household and commercial properties. Overall, our data reveals that fewer than one in 10 buildings in Britain has a suitable sum insured.  


Around 20% are overinsured, on average by almost 160%. This means that one in five property owners are paying too much for their buildings cover. Even more worrying is what we call the 'two thirds, two thirds' situation. Here, we find that two thirds of property owners are underinsured, on average for just two thirds of the correct rebuild cost. This puts the property owner at considerable risk of a prolonged and damaging claims dispute with you, their insurer.


The Insurance Act and recent FCA thematic reviews have highlighted how the insurance industry should be doing more to ensure policyholders purchase adequate levels of cover and are treated fairly. 

Why use Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd?

Until recently, a professional building insurance valuation would have cost a significant amount of money and time. However at Rebuild Cost Assessment Ltd, a company 'Regulated by RICS', we have developed a new and innovative approach which makes assessments far more affordable and quicker.

You can utilise our services at any point in time - pre-cover, mid-term, or post loss - helping you to support the policyholder in setting more accurate sums insured and ensuring you receive an appropriate premium for the risk, and also to quickly check whether average needs to be applied in the event of a claim. 

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