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The siloed approach, where individual properties are assessed for risk and rebuild cost, is just one approach we offer.

We can also offer what is known as a risk visualisation approach, where instead of looking at properties in isolation, we can help you examine groups and even entire portfolios of properties. 


So for example, as an underwriter you may operate a scheme of hotels, leisure facilities or entertainment venues. In order to ensure adequate cover is being provided and commensurate premiums charged throughout the scheme, you may wish to assess the property sums insured of all buildings covered. Here we can use a mix of desktop and site based assessments to ensure the most accurate RCAs at the lowest cost and speed of delivery.


Likewise, as an MGA covering a significant property owners portfolio through a property managing agent, you may wish to offer a combined risk assessment and RCA service across their portfolio to add value and ensure cover is arranged on the correct basis. 


One of our specialists can work with you and your clients/policyholders to identify pockets of risks and develop an approach to suit all parties.

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