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Perhaps you’re wondering how we can work out how much your building would cost to completely rebuild, without even visiting your property. Well it’s a combination of clever information technology, coupled with our in-house expertise.


Without blinding you with science, there is a lot of information about land and property that is now publicly available. Think Land Registry, Google Street View and Ordnance Survey, to name just a few, and you begin to get the picture. When you combine this with the experience and expertise that exists within our Chartered Surveyor (RICS) led team of professional assessors, we can produce a reliable and perhaps more importantly an insurance industry trusted assessment of your building's rebuild cost. 


For further information, including the ways in which we validate our desktop Rebuild Cost Assessments, please visit the FAQs section.


Of course, if you book a premium on-site assessment with us, you will be visited by one of our experts, who can explain everything to you face-to-face. The choice is always yours.

Is it always possible to carry out a desktop assessment on a property?

The simple answer here is most of the time, but not always!


Our approach at is:  

'If we believe a desktop assessment can provide a reliable picture of the rebuild cost then that is how we will do it.'


If you order a desktop assessment and we discover it is not possible to provide an accurate report, then we will contact you to explain why and also provide you with a highly competitive quote for carrying out an on-site assessment.

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