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On average, our desktop rebuild cost assessment reports are currently taking 6 working days.

Please keep checking back for status updates.


Free online calculators are dangerously inaccurate and cannot be trusted. Now there’s a reliable three step approach…


If you use a free online calculator to help you decide how much your building should be insured for, you’re making a big mistake. Why? Because they simply can’t be trusted!

They even warn you against using them themselves! Check their terms and conditions and you’ll find they exclude all responsibility for accuracy and that you use their services ‘at your own risk’.

Getting your rebuild value wrong has consequences. You’ll either pay too much for your insurance, or even worse your insurer won’t pay out the amount you need when you make a claim. Learn about what insurers call the ‘Average Clause’ here.

And discover more about the very real financial risk of using free online property insurance calculators here.
At, we do things differently….


Here’s the truth. It’s impossible to enter information online and instantly generate an accurate figure you should insure your property for.

However, thanks to extensive data we’ve gathered across the UK, we can tell you how likely your property is to be either under-insured, over-insured or accurately-insured.

Use our up-front honest forecaster to assess your risk and understand what action you should take, Simply enter a few details, hit ‘GO’ and we’ll present your results below:

Likelihood of Being
Under Insured

Likelihood of Being
Over Insured

Likelihood of Being
Accurately Insured


The only way to be certain you’re insuring for the correct amount is to get your property valued by experts. Sounds expensive, right?

It certainly used to be! In fact, getting a Chartered Surveyor to visit your property and complete a rebuild cost assessment can still cost you at least £500 and sometimes more than £1,000. No wonder some people use free online calculators!

But don’t worry! Thanks to our world turning digital, experts really don’t need to travel to properties now. This not only makes things greener, but also saves time and money. Our remote rebuild cost assessments can be produced in under 5 days and cost just £159.99 (incl VAT).

Even more importantly, you CAN rely on them. Our comprehensive reports are produced by an organisation that’s ‘Regulated by RICS* (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), which means they’re trusted by insurers. In fact insurers will remove the dreaded Average Clause when a property is insured in accordance with our reports.

When you think that some property owners have had claims reduced by hundreds of thousands of pounds for failing to cover their building correctly, ask yourself this… Is it really worth the risk?

Discover the correct amount to insure your home or commercial property for today. Order an affordable, professional Rebuild Cost Assessment report.


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